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Bizarre stories from Brooklyn

Recent UFO Siting in Brooklyn

I was bored, decided to see if there are any UFO sitings in recent history from the Brooklyn area (besides the fake ones). Apparently there have been some, like this account from two witnesses on Nostrand Ave. during the first week of August. Apparently they saw a “large white ball of light with a flamed tail” in the sky around 10 P.M.

I wonder if any one else saw anything, or if there is a way to explain the siting away?

Creepy Red Hook Building

Every week we go grocery shopping at Fairway, and every week I see this weird little building opposite the Fairway. I don’t know if it has a name or what it is, but it freaks me out. All sorts of things adorn the walls on the front of the building, including a fish head and a model of the twin towers. Maybe it’s just somebodies house, I have no idea.

Is Green-Wood Cemetery Haunted?

I came across this article today, it’s a Q & A with Kate Davey who is “an expert on the tales and legends of New York’s paranormal history.” She talks in great detail about the Green-Wood cemetery.

The cemetery is the final resting place for some 600,000 people. Among them are some very important historical figures, such as Samuel F. B. Morse (inventor of the single-wire telegraph and co-developed Morse code) and Wizard of Oz actor Frank Morgan.

There are also some eerie stories associated with the cemetery. Take Mabel Douglass, for example. She was the first dean of the New Jersey College for Women. In 1933 she disappeared on Lake Placid. 30 years later her body was found at the bottom of the lake, petrified and supposedly perfectly intact. I’m still unclear if she supposedly haunts the graveyard, or if it’s just an interesting story.

Ghost tours are given yearly, and, although photography is not allowed, eerie images have appeared in photographs… I’m really upset I missed this. I would love to have taken a tour of the cemetery, there most be a ton of interesting history there.

Big Brother is Watching, Brooklyn

I saw this article about a surveillance camera and it made me think “Is there a whole surveillance system setup around Brooklyn?” This particular camera can be found on Fulton Street, between the north end of Henry Street and the Brooklyn Bridge. They were alerted to it’s attention when the bulb on the top flashed to take a picture.

The post indicated that maybe it was part of a Brooklyn “Ring of Steel”, a system of cameras used to watch out for “terrorists activity.” Others think it’s just a red light camera. Who knows for sure. Just remember Brooklyn, Big Brother is watching you.

Mysterious Hum in Bay Ridge

The Brooklyn Paper has reported about a strange humming in Bay Ridge near the Owls Head sewage treatment plant that is so loud it keeps residents awake at night. The humming has been blamed on many things, from passing trains to UFO’s. Initial, the most likely culprit was the Owl Head sewage treatment plant itself.

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