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Drum Nation & Public Blog about Drums

Most popular Drum players

It’s a level headed discussion held by drummers the world over. The inquiry: which are better, electronic or acoustic drums?
When it comes directly down to it, its practically dependably a matter of particular inclination as opposed to an issue of value. The issue is that this continuous verbal confrontation has served to add fuel to some regular myths encompassing electronic drums. Indeed, they are simply that: myths. Here are five of the most famous
1) I’m simply beginning to figure out how to play the drums. I’ve heard that I ought to figure out how to play an acoustic set first. This myth has been around as long as electric drums. The source is questionable, yet may come from the nature of a portion of the most punctual models. Numerous didn’t have the same “feel” as acoustic drums.
There may have been some truth to this quite at an opportune time. Then again, today’s models are inconceivably diverse, and quality electrics, for example Roland drums, feel more like acoustics than at any other time.
Most models are designed in the same way as their non-electric cousins. They hold toms, a bass, a catch and cymbals much the same as acoustic drums. An apprentice takes in on electrics the same as he or she might on acoustics.
2) Electronic drums simply don’t have the same nature of sound as acoustics. Once more, this may have been valid for right on time models. When they first started hitting the mass business, engineering was poor and popularity lead to large scale manufacture of below average very impressive instruments simply to fill the necessity.
Engineering has changed hugely in two decades. Today’s forms, particularly quality models like Roland electronic drums, have various sound examples that can’t even be recognized from acoustics.
3) Electronic drums are troublesome to transport. Numerous models are no more challenging than acoustic drums to transport starting with one venue then onto the next. Truth be told, some, for instance Roland drum sets, are intended to be collapsible. They could be dismantled in minutes and pressed minimalistically into a vehicle (even a little one). They can then be re-collected rapidly at an alternate area, for instance the school band room or the stage at a show corridor.
4) Electronic drums are excessively costly. Individuals hear the statement “electronic” and immediately accept that muddled mother sheets and MIDI yields signify “additional unmanageable”.
Really, they are very equivalent in cost to their non-electric cousins. Today’s advanced segments are not just higher in quality than yesteryear’s; they’re likewise more savvy.
5) Electronic drums are just useful in specific venues or circumstances. They could be utilized anyplace that acoustic drums might be. Regularly they are significantly more adaptable and offer a larger number of focal points than acoustics.
Actually, they are the best result in the matter of playing in little venues. Acoustic drums have a tendency to get overwhelming in sound in little ranges. Moreover it could be troublesome to control their volume.
Electronic drums, then again, have implicit volume control. Sound could be balanced for venue size with the touch of a catch.
Not just are they extraordinary for execution, they make perfect practice drums as well. The player can basically connect to a head set, hear himself out at any volume, and nobody else around need to tune in.

Different types of drums


Drums are one of the worlds famous musical instrument .They have been used by many people including ancient communities that used the drums as far as 4000BC. The use of drums since the ancient times have been of a wide range from entertaining ,communicating and signaling . Drums are known for their significant use in the ancient times by the traditional communities to send signals such as war signals.

The different kinds of drums .

1. Basic types of drums.

  • · Box drums-It is a cube shaped drum
  • · Frame drum-It is a shallow drum type with a wide drum.
  • · Friction drum-It is a drum type that produces sound by rubbing.
  • · Bass drum-It is a large drum which produces the lowest tone.
  • · Two headed drum-It is a type of drum which has two drum heads each at each side of the cylinder.
  • · Kettle drum-This is a hemisphere shaped drum with a body that is bowl shaped and made of metal or fiberglass.
  • · Jug drum-It is a drum head that uses a jug as the drum chamber and in this drum type the drummer does not rap on the drumhead but raps on the pottery itself.
  • · Hand drum-This is a type of drum which does not require sticks to be played but is played using bare hands.
  • · Snare drum-It is a drum type containing wires which vibrate when the drum head is beaten thus producing a buzzing sound.
  • · Slit log drum-it is a drum type that is made up of a hollow piece of wood which has slits that are cut along its length.
  • · Standing drum-It is a type of drum that is very tall and stands on the floor.
  • · Stir drum-It is a drum type that has no drum head and is played by moving a beater around the inside of a wooden cylinder made of graduated lengths of wood.
  • · Talking drum-It is a drum type that produces different tones resembling a speech this type of drum is commonly used to communicate over long distances.
  • · Goblet drum-It is a drum type that is narrow at the base and flares at the top like a Conga Goblet.

African drums

  • · Ashiko-It is a hand drum shaped like a cut-off cone. It produces three tones.
  • · -It is tall and barrel shaped and is hand beaten
  • · Djembe-It is a hand drum that is goblet shaped .It is popularly known as a healing and gathering drum.
  • · Djun-djun-It is a drum of west African origin and is two headed and usually has a bass sound

How Hard Is It To Learn How to Play Drums?

There are many people who want to know how to play drums easily. Drum is a very popular music instrument that you can use to play your favorite songs. It is not a difficult thing to learn how to play this instrument. There are several tips that you can follow, so you can learn about drums effectively. Follow these simple tips, so you can play drums without having any problems. Here are some recommended tips on how you can play this item easily.

1. Buy a set of drums

This is the first thing that you should do, especially if you want to learn some drum techniques quickly. You need to buy a set of drums for your house. By having this set in your house, you are able to improve your skills properly. You are able to train yourself whenever you are in your house. Playing drums in your house is a comfortable thing that you can do in your daily life. There are some drums that are available on the market. You can choose the best drums that are suitable for your skills and needs.

2. Take some online courses

Don’t forge to take some online courses. There are some drum courses that you can find on the Internet today. These courses can give you some great techniques on how to play this instrument properly. When you take these online courses, you are able to improve your drum skills very quickly. Make sure to choose the best class that has a lot of members and positive reviews.. You can read some testimonials before choosing your favorite drum class on the Internet today.

3. Hire a professional drum teacher

You may want to hire a professional drum teacher, especially if you want to learn how to play this instrument quickly. Some teachers are willing to come to your house to give you private lesson. It can be the most effective way to learn some drum techniques quickly. There are some professional drum players who can teach you in your own house.

After reading this article, you should understand that playing drums is not a difficult thing to do. You only need to learn some basic techniques by following those simple tips above. Practice is the only way to improve your skills significantly. Therefore, you have to practice a lot to become a professional drum player. There are a lot of opportunities for you to become an expert drum player in the future

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